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When we founded ABC-Logistik on 1 January 1997, there were many sceptics who thought it would be impossible to build up a groupage freight forwarding agency in such a difficult market. But we were then, and still are, convinced that precisely in this highly competitive industry really good service is the key to success. The aim of ABC-Logistik is to recognise the requirements and wishes of consumers in good time and to give our customers a competitive edge with our innovative services.

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Since 2017, ABC-Logistik has been committed to improving logistics in Düsseldorf city centre. Together with our partners from Düsseldorf city centre, concepts have been developed that reduce the impact on both companies and the environment. By bundling deliveries and modern logistics concepts, we show every day that sustainable logistics are worthwhile for everyone.

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ABC-Logistik GmbH supports and commits itself

  • to integrate environment, health and safety into business processes and strategic planning.
  • to comply with applicable laws, regulations, international treaties and conventions.
  • to ensure a high degree of awareness, motivation, education and competence of all employees about environment, health and safety.
  • to constantly improve performance in the areas of environment, health and safety by setting ambitious goals and evaluating the results achieved.
  • to evaluate their services from a social and ecological point of view when choosing suppliers, contract producers and distribution partners.
  • to communicate our goals and achievements openly and clearly with all important stakeholders.


What we do:

  • Continuous optimisation of route and traffic planning.
  • Expansion of delivery with electric vehicles for the city centre.
  • Use of the first company cars with electric drives.
  • Ensuring a 100% Euro 6 fleet.
  • Expansion of LED lighting in warehouses and administration.
  • Construction of a low-emission logistics centre in the port of Düsseldorf.
  • Implementing driver training with the aim of reducing fuel and noise.
  • Expansion of city centre logistics for the visible avoidance of fine dust, CO2, noise and traffic congestion.
  • Reduction of daily 2,000 truck journeys to Düsseldorf city centre.
  • Development of new services that aim to reduce emissions and traffic.

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