Our long-standing cooperations.

One of Europe’s leading general cargo systems.

As part of our cooperation with around 150 other freight forwarders, our customers also benefit from extensive distribution and procurement.

In addition to Classic and Express, as well as XXL and part delivery, transports of all kinds can be handled both nationally and internationally.

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In a way, mobility is the nerve centre of our society and economy: It has to work well so that the population can work and provide for themselves. However, it should not only be efficient, but also environmentally friendly.

The mobility partnership of the state capital and the Düsseldorf economy aims for positive environmental effects through lower emissions. However, many measures also lead to tangible financial savings for your company, motivate employees and have a positive effect on their health.

ABC-Logistik is involved in the mobility partnership from day one.

Interessengemeinschaft Nord-Verbund (INV)

The INV is an association of North German, medium-sized freight forwarders (currently 19 partners) with flexible connections at fair prices in a bilaterally designed general cargo network. ABC-Logistik GmbH has also been a member of this association for many years. With INV, there are no defined quantity or length limits, long goods and part lots can be loaded easily.

In the field of education and training we have cooperated since 2012 with the Rheinische Fachhochschule in Neuss. As a result, our dual students not only strive for the completed vocational training “businessman for forwarding agencies and logistics service” but also the academic degree Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BSc.). The standard period of study is 6 semesters, always in a three-month alternation between theory and practice.

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On the road for our city: ABC-Logistik has been committed to sustainable and economic logistics in the region at its Düsseldorf location for 20 years. With incharge – Smart City Centre Logistics we give this goal its own name.

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